Guidelines for Authors*

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The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure a clear, standard format for submissions. Please follow all guidelines as closely as possible.


Marxism & Sciences is an open access journal. Publication of articles/essays and access to accepted and published material is free. The journal does not charge any article/essay submission, processing or publication fees. We have no budget for proof-readers or type-setters. These tasks are therefore the responsibility of the authors.


The basic descriptions and principles about the content of submissions are formally presented here. However, the priority of the journal is to achieve its aims collectively in collaboration with editors, editorial and advisory boards, authors and readers.

Marxism & Sciences accepts submissions only on the condition of contributing to Marxist conception of totality, materialist conception of history and/or materialist dialectics. Submissions satisfying this condition could be on any topic from any branch of sciences. The journal especially promotes submissions which are written collaboratively by more than one author from different and/or remote disciplines, or cover more than one discipline if written by a single author.

Marxism & Sciences welcomes any contribution that falls within the domain of its aims and scope. However, the journal especially encourages submissions with following four qualifications:

  1. Class struggles: Studies covering class struggles in nature, culture, and/or society.
  2. Geographical prevalence: Studies from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe as well as Western Europe and North America.
  3. Gender equality: Studies by non-male authors and/or from Marxist and socialist feminist perspective.
  4. Marxist ecology: Studies which considers human as part of nature, not superior to it.

Each issue of the journal is published based on a specific topic announced publicly at the web page through the Call for Papers (CFP). Submissions on other topics are also welcome.

Marxism & Sciences welcomes a wide spectrum of academic writing styles from articles at one end to essays at the other. Marxism & Sciences also welcomes cultural works in fields of arts or traditional and popular culture particularly those related to the specific topic of each issue.

Below are the types of submissions accepted by Marxism & Sciences:

  1. Articles (5000-10000 words): Articles are original scholarly manuscripts that contribute to any field of research.
  2. Essays (5000-10000 words): Essays are original contributions with more personal, intuitive and introspective style and do not necessarily have to build on a comprehensive literature review and/or extensive research, unlike scholarly articles. Essays are expected to include critical reflections or political interventions into the past or actual natural/cultural/social issues and/or old or ongoing scholarly and intellectual discussions.
  3. Review articles (6000-12000 words): Critical review of the state-of-art of any topic or any discipline(s).
  4. Cultural works (max. 1200 words of texts or max. 1 GB of audio/visual material): Poem, play, story, music, short film, documentary, video, photographs, graphics design, painting, sculpture etc.
  5. Communication (1500-7000 words): Responses to previously published articles/essays or cultural works in the journal, or actual disciplinary discussions on Marxism, or brief political reviews from Marxist perspectives, or reports about planned or ongoing Marxist projects by scholars and/or activists. This category is intended to foster discussion, exchange, coordinate collaborations and international cooperation, Intention, standpoint, context, addressees and aims should become clear from the texts. Connections to knowledge, research and development are very welcome. Submissions under this category are not peer-reviewed but evaluated by the editors.
  6. Translations (6000-12000 words): Works either with an historical or actual significance written and published in languages other than English.
  7. Interviews (1500-3000 words): Interviews with leading Marxist scholars in any discipline.
  8. Book, film, music recording, exhibition and performance arts reviews (1000-2000 words)
  9. Conference and symposium reviews (1000-2000 words)
  10. Letters to editors (500-1000 words): Short communication on any topic that attracts the attention of the readers.

Open Peer Commentary (OPC): Marxism & Sciences may choose an accepted manuscript for an OPC process. The process begins once the approval of the author(s) is acquired.

Academic quality: Please consider originality, theoretical and practical significance, and methodological rigor, referring to the usual standards within your specific discipline or subdiscipline.

Confidentiality, responsibility and ownership: All documents considered during the review procedure are confidential. Statements and opinions expressed in published submissions are those of the author(s). All work in this journal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International License. Copyright for articles published in this journal is retained by the authors, with first publication rights granted to the journal. By virtue of their appearance in this open access journal, articles are free to use, with proper attribution, in educational and other non-commercial settings.

Academic property issues: Submissions must be original and unique. They may not be already published in the same or similar form (in print or electronically, including on a web site), in any language, or accepted or under consideration for publication elsewhere. Papers published in Marxism & Sciences may not be published elsewhere in any language without the permission of Marxism & Sciences.


Submissions not formatted according to this guideline are rejected and once rejected they won’t be accepted even after revision.In case of any deficiency in this checklist, the submission will be rejected without evaluation:

• Formatting the submission according to the journal template
• Compliance of the submission with author guidelines of the journal
• Abstract (150-300 words)
• Keyword count (3-9 words)
• Tables and figures (must be numbered and titled, cited in the text, for visuals only the word Figure should be used).
• Compliance of the visuals with the journal template
• Never use “straight”/ ‘straight’ (or unidirectional) quotation marks. Periods and commas precede closing quotation marks, whether double or single:
,” / .” Inside
,’ / .’ Inside
• hyphen – en dash – em dash – 2-em dash – 3-em dash –
• Footnote (Footnote should not be used for referencing)
• Quotations (block quotation if more than 40 words, otherwise in double quotation marks in the text)
• Citation and references conformity with Chicago Manual of Style 17th Ed.
• Accuracy of the internet links
• Sending the similarity report (%15)

Submission template: All submissions must be formatted using the M&S template document, which you can download either as word or pdf. The document contains essential instructions for the content and format of your submission.

Presentation: Please consider grammar, readability, concision, structure, use of figures and tables, and accessibility for audience from a wide range of disciplines.

Language: Submissions must be in English (American or British) and proof-read by a native speaker if authors are not native of English language. The text should be written in a style that is accessible to an audience from a wide range of disciplines, and specialist jargon should be either defined or avoided.

Title: Maximum 12 words, accurately reflects the content and includes the main keywords.

Abstracts: Clearly and concisely summarizes relevant knowledge, states the problem, the main aim and the contribution to Marxist conception of totality, materialist conception of history and/or materialist dialectics. Every point made in every part of the abstract must be elaborated in the main text – even if the main text is organized quite differently from the abstract.

Keywords: A list of 3 to 9 words, separated by commas. Each keyword must be elaborated in the main text.

Structure. The main text should be clearly structured. Headings depend on content and need not correspond to the headings in the abstract. The structure of empirical studies should be conventional with introduction, method, results and conclusions.

Figures and tables Figures and tables should be numbered and include concise, self-explanatory captions, and embedded within the main text. Authors are responsible for formatting. Figures should be camera-ready. First authors are responsible for any copyright issues. Digital files of figures and illustrations should be also delivered separately in .TIF or .JPG format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Freehand or typewritten lettering should not be used.

Citation style: Submissions must have written according to Chicago Manual of Style 17th Ed. Articles and essays are expected to use ‘author-date style’.

Biographies: Authors are asked to send their short biographies (150-300 words for each author) and their recent photographs upon the acceptance of their submission for publication. Publication of biographies that will appear separately on the last page, is subject to approval of authors.

Research and Publication Ethics: Articles/Essays should conform with international research and publication ethics.

Similarity Report for Plagiarism Detection: 
A similarity report is produced by the editors and similarity rate is evaluated according to the context of each submission. Submissions with similarity rate higher than % 30 are rejected, in any case.

Submission procedure: Your manuscript should be submitted as an e-mail attachment to marxismandsciences[at] Please include the entire submission within both a pdf file and a word file with pages and lines numbered throughout.Each new submission is accompanied by a statement of THE AUTHORSHIP AND LICENSE AGREEMENT. Please provide a running title- an abbreviated form of the main title- for your submission at your e-mail. Running title is cited both on cover page and at left-hand text pages.

* This guideline was written based on the submission guidelines of the Journal of Interdsiciplinary Music Studies and published in 15.02.2021.


Marxism & Sciences welcomes book, video, film, music recording, exhibition, and performance arts reviews. The review should not have been previously submitted/published in any other publication.

With your review, please provide up to six keywords, and for references, use the Chicago Manual of Style 17th Ed.

Rather than a descriptive summary of the content, a critical discussion is preferred, which can include:

  • A discussion of what is interesting, valuable, or noteworthy about the themes that run across the overall publication.
  • Highlights of particularly provocative or ungrounded arguments.
  • Any weaknesses or absences evident within the arguments and/ or discussion of the publication.
  • Contribution to the current field and place within the extant literature, while avoiding a indicating an assumed readership or audience.
  • Contributions to the Marxist conception of totality and Marxist theories and discussions, including Marxist ecologist or Marxist/socialist feminist theories.
  • Contributions to class struggles and other struggles against capitalism, including Marxist ecologist and Marxist/socialist feminist struggles.
  • For a collected edition, an assessment of the editorial introduction and the ways in which its aims are addressed within the volume.

** Published in 01.10.2021.