The School of Nature, Culture, Human and Society

The capitalist organization of sciences forces deep specializations even in one branch of science and thus isolates them from each other. We argue that overcoming such specializations and isolation in every branch of science is only possible though conceiving of them on the basis of a Marxist conception of totality, and not vice versa.

In this sense, The School aims to contribute to overcoming specializations and the consequent isolation in sciences within an educational context. The School is organised annually, targeting an audience of workers, undergraduate and graduate students, and colleagues from any branch of sciences and will address the broad topics below:

  • Fundamentals of Marxism: fundamental concepts, theories and methods of Marxism
  • History of Marxism: from its birth to present
  • Marxism and Sciences: the relation between Marxism and sciences in general and in every branch of natural, social and human sciences, in particular

The school consists of seminars, lectures and workshops as well as discussion sessions which will be led by experts while emphasising the importance of collectivity in learning and developing ideas.