Aims and Scope

Marxism & Sciences: A Journal of Nature, Culture, Human and Society

Marxism & Sciences: A Journal of Nature, Culture, Human and Society is a biannual peer-reviewed international journal published (January and July) online (open access).

Publication of articles/essays and access to accepted and published material is free. The journal does not charge any article submission, processing or publication fees.

A submission accepted for publication is first published as an early access article/essay and then at the upcoming issue. Early access articles/essays are citable via registered DOI number.

The fundamental aim of the journal is to contribute to rebuilding the Marxist conception of totality based on a materialist conception of history and materialist dialectics in order to encompass the entirety of intellectual domain and thus merging class struggles in nature, culture and society again, as once developed by Marx and Engels. The journal considers the materialist conception of history as being related to both history of nature and that of human society. The journal considers materialist dialectics not only as general laws of matter in motion where matter emerges mutually interrelated as thought, nature and human society, but also as laws to be investigated and developed in each branch of science, in detail, as defined by Marx and Engels.

The term ‘sciences’ refers to natural and social sciences as much as to human sciences (humanities) such as history, philosophy, literature and arts. In this sense, the task before the journal is to provide the ground for a holistic, universalist Marxist conceptualization of social reality and nature.

Marxism & Sciences accepts studies only on the condition of contributing to Marxist conception of totality, materialist conception of history and/or materialist dialectics. Submissions satisfying this condition could be on any topic from any branch of sciences. The journal especially promotes submissions which are collaboration of more than one authors from different and/or remote disciplines, or cover more than one discipline by one author.

Marxism & Sciences welcomes any contribution that falls within the domain of its aims and scope. However, Marxism & Sciences especially encourages submissions with following four qualifications:

  1. Class struggles: Studies covering class struggles in nature, culture, and/or society.
  2. Geographical prevalence: Studies by authors from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe as well as Western Europe and North America.
  3. Gender equality: Studies by non-male authors and/or from Marxist and socialist feminist perspective.
  4. Marxist ecology: Studies which consider human as part of nature, not superior to it.

The text should be written in a style that is accessible to an audience from a wide range of disciplines, and specialist jargon should be either defined or avoided.

Each issue of the journal is published based on a specific topic announced publicly at the web page through the Call for Papers (CFP). Submissions on other topics are also welcome.