The seeds of Marxism & Sciences were planted at the first symposium of Marxist Inquiries on Science held in İzmir in 2012. The theme of the symposium, Is Marxism Alien to Science? was discussed in 20 paper presentations by different comrades from arts and humanities, applied, social and natural sciences. Around 60 participants attended the 3-day symposium.

We have organized seven annual meetings since 2012 and the papers presented at the first three symposiums have been published as three separate volumes. The School of Marxism and Sciences aiming to discuss Marxist approaches in each branch of science, was also organized in 2017, alongside the symposium.

2012- Is Marxism Alien to Science?
2013- Marxism and Two Cultures
2015- Marxist Interventions to Mainstream Science
2017- The School of Marxism & Sciences
2018- Understanding The World Today: Tendencies, Nodes and Exits in the 21st Century
2019- Looking at Today  From the Interwar Period
2020- Actuality of Friedrich Engels at his 200th Birthday

So far 155 papers in total  have been presented in the symposiums and the school;  and the topics of  political science, political economy, sociology, general philosophy, physics, mathematics, biology, philosophy of science, medicine, neuroscience, engineering, agriculture, architecture, literature, arts, musicology, ecology, religion, technology, international relations, film studies, theatre, cultural studies, fashion, history, anthropology, psychology and law have been discussed.  Close to 600 people have participated in all these events.

Following the 2020 symposium, we came to the decision to continue organising the symposium internationally and publish an international journal both named Marxism & Sciences. The aim of the Marxism & Sciences is defined as follows:

The fundamental goal of the symposium and journal is to develop a research programme, which paves the way for all encompassing Marxist grasp of intellectual domain and a merger of class struggles in nature, culture and society as once developed by Marx and Engels and embodied in Marx’s Capital at the highest level.

Melda Yaman, Siyaveş Azeri, Alper Dizdar, Ali C. Gedik
Founding Editors