September 14-17, 2023
BİLİMLER KÖYÜ (Village of Sciences) Foça, İzmir, Turkey


For this year’s symposium we invite you to the newly opened “Village of Sciences” (Bilimler Köyü). Here is some information on context and venue:

The initiative and the journal Marxism & Sciences came into being in the city of Izmir (see our history here and here for the symposium framework). It is the place of the ancient town of Smyrna in Ionia, the region where people like Thales and Heraclitus famously laid the foundations for philosophy and science in the ancient Greek tradition. This coincidence of place we take on as heritage and obligation.


The “Village of Sciences started operations in 2022. It is located in the Ionian hillside surrounded by typical Aegean landscape near the old coastal town of Foça (Foggia in Levante Italian) near the ancient town of Phocaea. It was founded as an independent initiative by a group of scholars from Turkey to build a meeting place in the countryside for holding summer schools, seminars and symposia to mediate the critical ideals and philosophical implications of the sciences. 


Travel to Izmir is possible by plane and other means of transportation and easy to arrange. The location of the symposium can be reached by public transport (Bus 744). 

Symposium fee: (catering included)

Institutionally supported: 80 €
Regular: 50€
Student/Unwaged: 30€


Accommodation is provided on site in tents. 

There is also the option to stay at a nearby hotel by your own arrangement (mention the “Village of Sciences” in your booking).

Full catering (breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee/tea, etc.) will be available at the symposium site.

Information about payments will be shared as soon as possible. If you have any questions or need more information please contact: marxismandsciences2023[at]